Welcome to Club XM


Please visit the Club-XM Forum by clicking the link on the left for XM-related views, help files, maintenance advice and questions. The forum is where XM owners converge to swap hints and tips for keeping your beloved XM on the road. Please come and join us. The guestbook is not monitored and therefore should not be used for queries or problems.

In spite of the name this web site isn't a club, there are no membership fees, no rules, not much organisation. It's simply a place for XM owners to exchange information and resources.

There will be no attempts to organise your social life - small chance of that, in my experience XM owners are fiercely independent people who are quite capable of making their own arrangements!

At present the site is very much in the early stages of development and there may be little content. However, I'm working hard at improving the situation, so please, bookmark and return!

To your left you will see a menu of links to various parts of the site. Please feel free to explore. And enjoy yourself.