Links to useful / interesting resources

GSF Car Parts, AKA 'Andyspares'. Purveyors of new (pattern and OEM) and recon parts to the XM community - there are a few other bits and pieces there too...

Euro Car Parts - a bit like Andyspares, but not as helpful, more expensive and prone to advertising stuff they don't stock any more. OK if your need is great and they actually have it...

Pleiades - the Citroën Hydraulics Specialists - specialist tools and replacement parts for your XM's hydraulics. Well worth a browse.

Yahoo - XM-L Group - a Yahoo 'Groups' mailing list where XM users get together and exchange opinions, news, problems, etc. It has a DIRE web interface, but once you have joined you can elect to read and write by eMail which works well.

How they work - although this site is devoted to the DS (the XM's 'Grandfather'), there are some beautifully animated and illustrated explanations of the basic principles of the Citroën hydraulic system as introduced on the Citroën DS. Well worth having a look at if you want to understand the 'magic'.

Citroën BX Do-it-yourself - nope, I haven't lost my mind. This site is adding XM specific content all the time and, despite the title and the slightly difficult navigation, is a mine of useful technical information.

XM Heater Flap Servo - this is on a predominately DS site with a vile non-HTML menu system, but it's so useful I've included it anyway. Click on 'Citroën XM', 'Technical data', 'Heating system' and you are there. Illustrates a LHD car, but those brilliant photos have got to make the job easier!

The LHM Story - OK, it's a BX site, but you need to look at this if you need convincing about the need to change your LHM regularly, or the efficacy of Hydraflush...

ORGA number calculator - This is rather nifty. For those not in the know, if you visit a Citroën Parts Dept they won't be able to do very much for you unless you can produce the ORGA or RP number (printed on the LH front door pillar on an XM by the way...). This gadget decodes the number to tell you the date your XM was actually screwed together, which is sometimes something of a surprise.

Parkers Review - a reasonably unbiased review of the XM, though I don't think the price range is terribly accurate now.

Citroën Andre - Dutch based English language site that's something of a goldmine. They don't specalise in XMs, but cover the entire Citroën range. Spares, technical documents, restoration, all sorts of stuff. Even an XM Convertible!

Many thanks to Rob Govier for his contribution to this list.

That's all for now folks - more to come though.