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Full Version Bendix ABS S1

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Been reading the masses of info re S1 ABS sensors on these forums and can find ideas for replacing the fronts with Xantia sensors but not much about the rear sensors.
Has anybody found a way of replacing the rear sensors with another make or models etc ???
Mine is a late S1 (1993) hatchback so has the later Bendix and ECU fitted.
At present it seems my only way out is to replace the arms or even the whole rear subframe with secondhand ones that have working sensors attached, which does seem a bit extreme ....
Cheers Tony
Getting the sensors out is the problem, I have on occasion replaced the whole arm which as you say is a bit extreme but maybe the only way. Removing the arm is not to difficult providing the pin comes out of the actuating arm OK.

Umm well were trying again tomorrow on the extreme option but one nut refusing to budge on the recipient XM so far and haven't tried getting the donar one's off yet .......tony
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