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Hi, my 1999 xm eclusive, which I have owned from new is still looking great except the Chrome (like ) inserts to the front bumper and side pieces have developed white dicolourations, which I presume is water absorbsion . My main dealer wants to replace the whole bumper assembly and side pieces, which will also include respraying at an enormous cost. Any suggestions as to how or if this can be treated would be appreciated ,

You need to speak to Brian Primmer or Techmanagain as he's called on here. He also inhabits the XM-L list frequently. Since the PM system is not working at the moment you'd be better trying XM-L first:

Brian makes replacement strips out of stainless which will of course never rust or discolour again.


noz cool.gif
Hi Keith

Brian Pimmer only supplies the 8 side strips in stainless steel (4 door & 4 wing).
Good value items highly recommended by a good few XM owners.
The Bumper strips are Citroen only, expensive and on back order.
All the plastic chrome strips can be removed from the bumpers and door strips.
Work a wide wood chisel blade under the bottom edge of the strip and gently lever.
Start at the centre of each strip which will unclip and release without damage if care is used. Once out it is possible to get the strips prepared, sprayed up silver and laqured for refitting.

Techman only makes the straight sections for the sides of the car.

If you need the curved front and rear inserts you'll have to go to Citroen.
They're around £200 for both ends.

Part numbers and prices are.....

Front (3 sections) - 0000745279 - £96.51

Rear - 95656457 - £101.46



Ooops, sorry to repeat John's message, he got there just before me rolleyes.gif

Hi Paul

More than one reply along the same lines builds the site and gives confidence.
You added prices and part numbers which helps no end.
It also prompted me to remember that front bumper trim has a few variations.
While most Mk2's had headlamp washers (so 3 sections of trim) not all did so some need a single long trim. I also think that Citroen varied the fixing slots between the Mk1 and Mk2 front bumpers so there may well be 2 types of long trim pieces.

Thanks for pointing that out John.

I should have mentioned that the part no's and prices that I posted are for a 1994 S2 2.0 turbo exclusive.


Many thanks to all of you for the most useful info. I will certainly be following it up. My local scratch and dent repairer said he could paint them silver and lacquer over, but with no guarantees as to success.

cheers Keith
Being poverty stricken and lazy to boot, I covered over the white bits on my '99 V6 with stick on aluminium tape. Not Concourse but it looks OK at a reasonable distance.

I also stopped using a pressure washer on the car biggrin.gif .
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