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Hello there, as i after a set of these can tell me if these are Alloy's or Trims ?

What they called and from which series do they belong ? Thanks
user posted image
user posted image
Series 1 Original alloys. Apparently difficult to keep in good trim (excuse the pun!) due to surface corrosion.
I've seen these on a series 1 v6. They are wheels not trims. The car I saw them on was going to scrapped, I can if you are interested find out if they are for sale, they will need to be re-furbished though!
ncoll...Yes Please wink.gif
I have these wheels on my S1:

user posted image

They're a bit dirty there TBH, a better pic after its just been washed:

user posted image

The odd thing that throws most people about them is the plastic centre cap, on the alloy wheel (it could only be Citroen laugh.gif). You can see them with the cap removed here (excuse the dirt!):
user posted image

I'm in two minds about them. I like them, and they suit the car, but I think the 'wobbly web', and the other V6 alloys look better. I have a set of wobbly webs coming next week, and am in two minds whether to put them on the S2, or try them on the S1. Mind you, I think the S2 would look quite odd with the S1 alloys on it... may have to get it an S1 grille and spoiler to fit in laugh.gif.

Will try to get a price Monday am.
Thanks so far rolleyes.gif
Very nice XM Ciaran,

I like the wobbly wheels too, I think they look really good.

As for the ones that are in the first picture, I think they look superb, and remind me of the alloys that were on the CX, but tooo often they suffer from corrosion as Techman says and can look quite crappy as a result.
Nice car Ciaran!

The wheels on my S1 2.0 sei are like the ones on Ciaran's car, whereas the wheels on my S1 V6 are the same style, but are painted a very light grey in the recesses. From a distance they look the same, but side by side there is quite a marked difference.

My preference is for the silver ones - as per Ciaran's car, as I think they give a (forgive the pun) more polished look.

Yes i agree Grey is a little better than Black..Still looking wink.gif
QUOTE (Ciaran @ Mar 2 2008, 01:09 AM)
user posted image

As far as a choice between the graphite or almost resprayed silver all over
appearance on these wheels I'd go for the graphite ground with the polished
highlights every time but ONLY if they're fitted WITHOUT the plakky trim.

I threatened to get some piccies of my SEi with the centre hole covered by a
cap and nice shiny headed wheel bolts but am not exactly the most organised!

I'll get some pics posted here sometime!

Anyhow, go for the 24v'er ones. wink.gif

Hi Andrew and All

I believe that the difference in colour finish on this type of Citroen XM alloy wheel is related to the factory that manufactured them. Cannot remember which is which but some are French and the others Italian. Will check out which is which and post again.
I also understand that the first few XM's off the production line with alloy wheels had Alloy centre caps as well because that centre cap had been used on a previous Citroen model.


Ahhh and I thought the Grey Coloured ones were a fading after standing SOOOO long.

I dont mind the S1 Capped alloys, but prefer them in Silver..

The Best alloys I think are the S1 24v / All LATER SEi ridged alloys, !!


Nice garage Ciaran! You never said................... rolleyes.gif

Just out of interest Ciaran what colour is your car? It doesn't look like the usual deep green, more a kind of jade grey green. It's lovely, very understated.
Platinun grey?
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