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Ciaran's car is Meteor Grey
Thanks for the wheel compliments everyone smile.gif

Personally, I too prefer the lighter outer wheel, with the darker inset bits, like on the silver V6 in the original post. Makes them stand out a bit.

I see many of you like the standard silver jobs, I think its a case of 'grass is always greener' on my part smile.gif

QUOTE (demaq)
Nice garage Ciaran! You never said...................  rolleyes.gif

I wish! smile.gif
That was taken in my indy's place down in Co Cavan. He has a right collection of XMs of all shapes and sizes down there actually, place is like a Citroen graveyard! laugh.gif

As for my car's colour, its one of the greys (obviously), but I don't think its meteor, as its usually darker AFAIK. But I may be wrong, I'll check the paint code later and confirm for sure though, as I'm curious myself (plus I need to get a touch up kit for a few minor dings) smile.gif


Just beautiful alloys (and car) Ciaran, keep those there and fit the wobbly ones on the S2!

funny, but my V6 SEi which is light blue has wheels that are slightly blue to match, rather than original silver/grey as my previous SEi's had.

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