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Full Version Sunroof And Strange Flap In Roof.

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Has anyone tried to fit a factory fitted sunroof from a scraped XM Estate into one that never had a sunroof? If so, did you find terminals on the existing wiring loom that you could use, or did you start from scratch?

Inside at the front of the headlining, next to the unit that has the remote control sensor, there's a small hinged flap. It seems way too small to be any kind of sunshield. Giving it a gentle pull doesn't achieve anything, and I think that a hard tug would just break it. Has anyone got any idea what it's for? Could it be a blanking plate for an electric inside mirror? The handbook for the BX says that the three way electric switch for the mirrors was to adjust left and right electric door mirrors and an electric centre mirror, mounted at the front of the roof rather than on the glass. I'm told this option was not available on cars exported to the UK. Did the XM use the same idea?

Oh well, it's been a long weekend~~~~~~~


It's certainly very usual for standard wiring looms to be fitted for the highest spec cars and the options which aren't fitted just have the connectors wrapped in sticky foam.

Unfortunately I don't have much experience off the S1, the S2 has it's remote receiver under the glove box since it's RF and doesn't need a line of sight like an infra-red. I have seen a flap on some cars which bridges the gap between the drivers and passenger's sun visor where they're split to go around the rear view mirror.

Alternatiely, on some types of sunroof mechanism there's an access flap to allow manual operation of the sunroof if the motor fails. On my S2 you pop the lens of the interior light and stick an allen key winder though a hole to engage in the gearbox for that purpose.

I have to admit I've never heard of an electric interior rear-view mirror in my life. That would take the biscuit in terms of sheer laziness :-)

Let us know how you get on. An interesting project for anyone else who wants a sunroof in our beautiful climate :-)


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Thanks Noz,

My car is a series 2 Estate; the flap I was describing sits just in front of the remote sensor. It's small, hinged along one edge and doesn't seem to have any function. It's nothing to do with a sun roof (my car doesn't have one). The cover you described sounds very similar to that used on the BX, complete with a crank winder for opening or closing the sun roof by hand. One thing I'm looking for is a starter motor for the V6; the hot starting problem I thought was cured has come back and seems connected to the action of the solenoid.

Good luck,

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