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Hi All,

I have just bought a Series One, M reg, 1994, Onyx Special, 2.0 Turbo Petrol, 11 months MOT, 2 Months Tax, 96k, what I can describe as Immaculate condition, litterally only the Glovebox strut is dead, everything else works.

HOWEVER, it has two mechanical faults. Firstly, when the car is booted hard, the ECU light comes on, then if I drive lightly and carefully again it actually goes out.

Secondly, its suffereing from slight missing. I haven't looked into it yet, but I'm hoping its not the Coil unit on the end of the Cam.

Other then the Module, what else can be suspect? Plugs and Leads only??

The car still returned me 32mpg! Even with a little racing.

Any ideas greatly appriciated.

My '94 Onyx TCT does exactly the same-I too would be interested in any responses.
You are overboosting. The ECU is sensing this and lighting the CEL.

Take a look at the turbo / wastegate piping - one of mine had a split (causing no wastegate operation) and giving the exact same symptoms.

Could always be a stuck / seized wastegate actuator also - a bicycle pump held into the wastegate actuator pipe will give some movement to confirm if it's seized or not.

Hope that helps smile.gif
I would also say that this is a turbo fault - in my case a completely cracked turbo!

Yes, suprisingly the mpg improved after the turbo broke!

A slight hesitancy in 2nd or third. Engine management light on above 60/70mph.

I've driven over 500 miles like this. Anyone got a spare turbo I can have???

These manual turbos are seriously fast - acceleration from 50 to 90 up the motorway feeder road in an instant, no problem.

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