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Hello, does anyone know what the diagnostic codes are for the Xm series 1's.
My engine uses a maneti marelli G5 system. The engine hesitates slightly and the diagnostic light comes on for a second then the idle valve opens up completely which makes the revs rise to about 2000rpm. It can stay like this for about a minute then goes back to normal.

Even if i get a diagnostic reader or jump the wires i need to know what the numbers mean.

Hi Rouben,

ECU error codes here:

Hope this helps


noz cool.gif
Hello Noz, thanks very much for that it will be a great help........if i can manage to open it, my computer opens it as a dreamweaver file.
And thanks Mr Frank Verschuren if you are reading.

Hi Noz, i need your help again mate, i've tried all sorts to open that Ecu codes file but with no luck, its all in script or code. Have you uploaded the correct link?.

Its me replying to myself,.....opened the file with adobe, now gonna have a read.
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