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Full Version Turbo Worries... 2.0 8v

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HI, ive just bought a 1997 exclusive 2.0 turbo manual. The only thing is that the turbo doesnt seem to be spooling up, the car drives but its very flat and has very little power, where can I get a new turbo from and what type is it, does anyone know? Cheers

I assume you've checked all the turbo pipes first?

Symptoms of dead turbos are usually serious oil consumption and high pitched whining noises.
cituning sell a stage 1 turbo gives extra power for £850 its on my list if mine stops working but for second hand units look for scraped xantia 2ltr turbo as its the same turbo and engine first see if the pipes are on propley
HI, thanks guys, just got the turbo off, impeller wheels seized!!! bugger, what model garrets are they and what would they cost recod or used?


Its a garret T25 dont know about the cost of them but I sold mine for £50 but hold on to your hat because I might put a Stage 1 on to my car have to think about it a little more first
Wow, this will be the first modificied XM that I've heard of! Go on, please! I don't know what stage 1 stands for, but, isn't it better if you increase a bit the turbo boost to start with, or is the T25 on its limits as is? Keep us posted!

yeah you could just up the boost but it has limits although they are high. Stage 1 is a hybrid turbo charger but should I go and do it stage 1 for me will be Hybrid turbo, charge cooler and daztec chip. only problem will be what are the safe boots limits.

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