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I forgot to say on my journey back the car actually went over 92 degrees in a big jam.When I stopped at the supermarket,I switched the ignition off(and then on to close the windows).I then noticed the fans working for the first time...but only when the ignition was on!Surely this can't be correct?If the engine is hot enough for them to come on then surely they should be working when the car has been left after a run?
What do you think?
Regards Rob
As far as I know XMs don't run their fans after ignition is off. That's not very useful anyway as the only thing that would cool down would be the water located in the radiator, and not the water around the engine -which is what you want to protect-. My V6 will be everytime obliged to start up on full fans supposed I stopped and restarted 5 mins after -it starts at 100!-. You would perhaps avoid that if fans had worked ignition off. On the other hand, my father's Volvo 460 which had that feature -that car reached astronomical average temperatures-, once kept on flatening the battery without apparent reason -they even put him a new alternator on in trying ot cure it-. I'm sure you already know what was the cause.

Hi Little and Large
On my VSX petrol auto it has two colling fans which I believe were fittd to cars with air con fitted and the fans come on at ignition on if the air con is switched on and at a set temperature level if the air con is off. This is correct according to Duxford(main dealer) motors who I spoke with about 8yrs back when the XM was still being sold.

Yes, fans do come on if aircon is on.
Hi all.
Thanks for all the replies!To complicate matters further I am sure(definite maybe!) my MKI fans came on without the ignition on!My MKII a/c wasn't on at the time.I still find it odd that the fans don't work without the ignition on.I think the old Kenlowe fans fitted to many 1970/80's cars worked without the ignition on.I think my MKI Golf GTI had one fitted.The temperature does come down quite quickly when the fans are on so battery flattening shouldn't be a problem,the water would still circulate by convection rather than with assistance from the water pump.
Anyway-they are as they are.I have another big trip around France next week so we will see how the young girl goes next week!!!!
Regards Rob
QUOTE (Little&Large @ Jun 6 2006, 14:24 PM)
The temperature does come down quite quickly when the fans are on so battery flattening shouldn't be a problem,

No, I meant the battery was going flat becase some 10p controller/relay/don't-know-what on the Volvo had gone wrong and the fans just kept on going till they drained it, so imagine a similar set up on a car with quality electrics like the XM!!!!
yes the fans should stay on when ingnition is off but ont after a set ammount of time running at its normal fan temp
The fans were running on mine after I stopped the other day but I dont know whether they are supposed to or not, the've never done it before, but then they come on randomly anyway, accompanied by the 'Stop' and high temperature lights and a message saying 'slow down overheating' when I am doing about 30 mph and the temperature is below normal!

There must be something about France and cooling systems, the only time my last one boiled was in a traffic jam in Cherbourg, and it didn't suffer any ill effects - I'm glad it wasn't a 1.9!

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