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Hi all
Just got back from the Citroen Centre having had my auxiliary belt tensioner fitted!They put the diagnostic machine on it to discover the reason for the ABS light to be on.It was the drivers side front sensor that is the there anything I can investigate myself-ie.connections etc...or will it need replacing?If so can I do it myself or am I best handing to someone who can?
Any help would as always be appreciated!
Regards Rob
no harm in trying the connections you never know might fix the problem, if it doesn't they are not a big job to do your self but can bit a bit hard on getting them off the car.


Hi Rob

If it has a Teves ABS then there are no connectors in the front wheel arch, the twisted pair wires just go through behind the wheel arch liner. I have just found an easy way to safely remove ABS sensors by pushing them out rather than trying to pull them out and breaking the plastic cases. Teves sensors are metal cased and look a stronger design than the BENDIX ones.



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