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Full Version Can You Identify This Warning Light?

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Well we drove our newly purcahsed XM for a week and all was fine - so my girlfriend headed off to Dublin this morning.

She is reporting a warning light that says "STOP" and has something like a saucepan with wiggly lines. It is showing intermittently.

I still have no owners manual (seller promised to post it to me) so have no clue what this is.

She is also saying there is a slow leak (one drop per minute) of oil (LHM?) under the engin (very vague I know).

She made it to Dublin - but I'm wondering whether or not to advise any further driving! Am kicking myself for not sorting out a careful service before a long trip!

If anyone has a scanned owners manual for the car in my signature (or similar) I'd be eternally grateful and wold pay. (I have an offer for a series 1 version.)


Hi again Tom,

if the light u r speaking about is the biggest red ligth right in front of your face, then it's the low LHM level warning. It's obvious that the car is loosing LHM -and it's getting near the low end with the light probably coming on when she accelerates (LHM moves back and the relevant sensor thinks the LHM tank is empty)-. As the car looses LHM, it will be coming on more frequently till it's on all permanently even in standstill, then she should really "STOP!". Chances are that if she manages to buy a 1lt bottle of LHM, she can make it back without any break down. Although u never know! If she can't find LHM, she can buy standard brake fluid and add it instead, but then u should drain the system and replenish with fresh LHM IMMEDIATELY when the car is back to base. (Brake fluid or specific types of engine oil -can't remember which, I think SAE 20 or something- can be used instead of HLM in cases of emergencies, but they will distroy the o-rings and other rubber parts throughout the piping system if left for any time long.) If this eventually happens, why don't you BTW do an Hydraflush treatment -that's a special liquid to use for 1-2000 miles, it cleans the system,then u drain and replenish with fresh LHM-. The leak tha's going on is either because an o-ring has just failed, or because there is a blockage from accumulated dirt at this point in the piping system -and that's what Hydraflush is going to clean up-. My car needed an additional litre of LHM per month when I bought it, after hydraflushing it it doesn't loose anything -which is the normal situation-.

good luck to her anyway!
Thanks George - that's what I needed to know and as I suspected. Time for some TLC when they get back - XM and GF!


Never put any type of brake fluid in to the hydrulic system, E V E R . Ordinary car brake fluid will destroy all the rubber seals in very short order. It will also cause major wear to all the sliding componets such as the struts as it has very weak lubricating propertys. LHM is a mineral oil based fluid. In an emergency a good engine oil can be used, but must be flushed and bled out of the system at the first opertunity.

The 1995 version of the XM handbook you need is XM-GB-5005. The reference number is printed on the bottom of the outside back cover. It is also the only version with the XM symbol on the front cover in italic script as used on the rear of Mk2 cars.



I have a '95 XM manual (XM-GB-5005) / radio manual / dealer network guide in the original wallet.

PM me with your details and we can sort it out quickly for you.

QUOTE (Masterclock @ May 25 2006, 21:26 PM)


Thanks everyone! I've got her to buy some LHM so all should be OK til it gets home.

This forum is proving invaluable - I very much appreciate everyone's friendliness and helpfulness. I hope that as I learn a bit more I'll be able to contribute some help as well.

Hi Tom,

Hope I'm not too late with this. The Hydraulic level warning light is a circle with an exclamation mark in it, surrounded by a pair of brackets.

The "saucepan with a couple of wiggly lines" is the coolant level warning lamp, so you don't need to buy any LHM. At this time of year your GF can just top up the coolant header tank with water, you can chuck in some antifreeze later.

Regards, Derek

Yeah I was just thinking the same a Derek the stop light comes on for low LHM low suspension low hydraulic pressure low water and low oil not sure if it also comes on for low break pads but would be a bit ironic if it did in your case it is water
a bientot
Craig [COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue]
Aha - thank you - not too late. She's not back 'til Monday. Water sounds easier than LHM for now. And i even know where to put that!

An owner's manual is in the post on it's way to me - so hopefully no more basic confusions!
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