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Hello all - I've just acquired my first XM - details in signature.

I have one major issue with the heater and fan which I've asked about here.

Other newbie questions I have are:

1. Do all XM's have ABS? I see no ABS lights and a dog ran out in front of me and I skidded quite effectively!

2. I need a rear bumper - it's all cracked - looks like it rolled into something when no hand-brake applied. How much should I be paying for one of these from a breaker?

3. Electric side mirrors don't work. What should I be checking to get them moving?

4. I don't have a manual for the car yet. Can anyone email me one for the car as described in the signature?

Many thanks if you can help - and thanks for a great looking forum.

As far as I know they all have ABS, I've never seen one without. Noz will probably able to tell you.

Cant help you with the bumper, but your mirror problem could be the contacts on the adjusting switches, try taking them out and squirting some WD40 in.

Hi and congratulations for your new XM.

I've got a manual for the XM in PDF which somebody had sent me when I bought mine, as I had the same problem as you. It is however for an S1 version -this means that most of the things will be the same but some dashboard lights and controls etc are a bit different-. The size of it is 23mb, do you still want it? If yes, what's your email?

Thanks for the quick replies.

George: I've PM'd you.

Peter: My first adventure has begun! I popped of the mirror 4 way controller and switch housing only to discover that it had been disconnected (both connectors). I reconnected them but no joy - except that the light betweeen the 4-way and the selector came on.

I then looked for the 'reverse dip' control unit by the courtesy light on the passenger door. This was disconnected as well. When I connected it the mirror dipped and stayed pointing down even without the car in reverse. sad.gif It still did this even with the other connectors disconnected.

I've now disocnnected them all as they were and will manually adjust mirrors for now. If anyone has any bright ideas I'd be fascinated to hear them!

Cheers! Tom
Tom. There you've got me, having never experienced failure of the mirror system, I've never had it apart, even the switch contacts healed up after some use. you need a circuit, I am sure one will be forthcoming.

Thanks to this very helpful forum I've now got solutions for all the above questions - parts are on their way from a breakers and I've had 2 offers of owner's manuals. Many thanks to all.
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