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Regarding the Peter Russek Citroen XM book, forget Ebay. People bid for these and end up paying well over the odds. The book is still in print and can be bought either from W.H. Smith (they may have to order it) or direct from the publishers: Peter Russek Publications Ltd. Telephone 01494 440829. The book doesn't cover bodywork, but does a very good job on engine and gearbox descriptions, and general mechanical work, including suspension and brakes. It covers stripdown procedures, repair techniques etc and gives very good coverage of the V6 engines. It reads as if it's been written by someone who'se done the job, rather than someone who'se read about doing the job. If you buy this, along with the Haynes manual and Norries excellent cd you should have about as much published information as you can get about these brain storming, drive you mental, wonderful cars.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the info. As you pointed out, with these cars information is king.


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why don't you register properly? The glitches with the old software are all gone since Chris upgraded the site.

Ho Noz,

Information is indeed king. The hot starting problem's back (starter motor sometimes fails to turn if the engine is hot), so I've got a replacement starter motor on its way from an Ebay seller down in London. I'll be rebuilding this with especial attention to the starter solenoid contacts. My thoughts are that the V6 XM really was marginal when it was built; a large hot running engine squeezed into a small space with very little airflow over the engine. Even if the water temperature is normal (which mine is), the blast of heat that hits you when you lift the bonnet is quite something. Odd clonks from the front end tell me that either the bottom ball joints or the track rod ends (maybe the downlinks, anti roll bar to wishbone) need attention. Down links I can do, track rod ends I can do, but the ball joints need special devices to unscrew the things, which I don't have. Oh well, no complaints. The car's already paid for itself; towed a double axle car trailer back from Northampton with a Jones & Shipman grinder loaded for my workshop. Towed load weighed more than the car, yet it towed straight without missing a beat.

Have a good weekend,

If anyone needs it the site for the russek manuals
I have just bought the pocket manual for the diesel xm and it is a good bit of kit.
can anyone enlighten me on this "norries excellent cd" if it is good for understanding the xm I would like to know more,are you still out there jim?
I don't think the books cover the 2.0 16V engine (not really aware of any books that do), but still very worthwhile getting

Also worthwhile downloading the fiche sets from

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