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Hi, i was wondering how hard it is to get to the dashboard dial lights as they seem to be dimm and failing on mine. I see the two screws on the top of the dashboard cavity (i presume these are the first to go?)
It's a 98 XM
Anyway a quick howto would be apreciated.

this job is certainly easier than you would first envisage. there are a couple of hidden screws behind switches, air con controls and the steering wheel but once these are located the whole dash can be easily moved forward enough to check the bulbs. the steering wheel does not need to be taken off. there is an excellent self help file on this forum which i used, giving locations and pictures, etc. Try doing a search as this usually picks up the correct topic.

i had to change the side light and dipped lights indicator bulbs which are slightly harder in that you also have to remove the speedo - but still an simple enough job.

it is worth checking not just the lights which come on when YOU switch the controls, but also check the warning bulbs which do not come unless there is a problem - these being hidden behind the hidden screen on the front of the dash.

Hi Nino1

Might just be worth checking that it is not the rheostat under the dash turned down before you pull the dash apart.



There is one bulb failed definately, and others are working as such.
Hi Nino,

Check out the self help file section here for details on how to get into the dash for bulb replacement:


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