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Hello all.
Well I thought it was too good to be true.The car has been running superbly for the past month,starting 1st time every time...........but alas the head gasket has finally gone!!!!!!!!!!!! ph34r.gif Although it has been using a little water,on the long runs it doesn't(sorry,didn't)use any.The 1st I noticed was it was running a little hot today on the motorway and when I stopped to have a look I could see the dreaded red water and steam coming out of the filler cap,there is oil in the water and the exhaust is rather(OK very) steamy,so there is no doubt.I drove it back from my brothers and even with the red stop light on the temp was still only at 70 degrees!!!!!!!!!
It hasn't boiled or gone over 85 degrees.Running is starting to get a little lumpy due to water getting into the oil/system etc.
I don't think the car is worth saving as although it looks great the suspension is not brilliant.If anyone is interested in it please let me know.If there is enough interest then I will break it,as I said all body panels are very good etc.If not I will take the easy bits off and it can go to the scr sad.gif appers.
Picture is of the car last year,but with a polish still will look the same.
So.......straight on Ebay to find another.There have been dozens of cars on there I have 4 to choose from!!!!!!
So if anybody has a diesel estate going cheap and available yesterday please let me know.
Many thanks to you all for your help this past year and I hope to get another XM in the near future.(I almost bid on a 2cv Ripple Bonnet van yesterday but it was in the South of France,it went for £201,it needed restoring(obviously),but it looked a good basis for a restoration).
Regards Rob
Hi Rob

Sorry to hear your news. At least it gave up gracefully and reasonably close allowing you to limp home. It is funny how the XM's on ebay dry up just when you start looking. I have not been too impressed with the diesels offered recently. The 2.5's seemed overpriced (some did not sell) and the 2.1's seemed high mileage.
There have been some cars mentioned as available on the web site.
Best of luck with the search.


Thanks John-do you need any bits? wacko.gif I just popped to the shop in it....big mistake!!!It now is venting steam out of the dipstick hole,plumes of steam out of the rear and steam out of the filler cap!!I won't drive it again as to do so may cause it to overheat and wreck it in case someone wants to do it! tongue.gif It still didn't go above 90 degrees!!!!!!Typical XM,going well one minute(yesterday),and literally it has totally gone in the space of 40 miles today.As you know I did 1800 miles in it in France etc a couple of weeks ago and it has been superb as I have been moving my entire lifes possessions and stock over the past 2 weeks in it.I managed to get over 18600 miles out of it having bought it off Ebay and have maybe spent £250 on it mostly consumables such as tyres,exhaust,battery so it has done me well. wacko.gif
The hunt goes on....but I think a 2cv beckons in the short term whilst I look for a decent XM.Thanks to this forum and people like yourself I feel as though I have learnt quite a lot about them and what to look for(famous last words!!!!).
Regards Rob
Hi Rob,

Sorry to hear about your problems with the XM.

Have you looked on as well as eBay?

There's a 1996 'N' 2.1TD manual estate with only 85,000 miles for £1,000 for sale there. It's basically a 1 owner car with FSH and 12 months MOT.

I'm certain Peter N went to Skelmersdale to see it (when it was advertised at £1,500). You can see his posting "2.1 Td Vsx Manual Estate, Low mileage, nice condition, very rare" about it in the "Available" section of the forum.

It sounds like an absolute bargain to me. Peter N said "if I didn't have mine I would have bitten his hand off".

I hope this helps.

Hi Roy
Many thanks...I am off there now to have a look! tongue.gif
Regards Rob
Yes I did, and if one of you doesn't buy it and it gets any cheaper, I will! It seems to be a genuine car.

Sorry about yours Rob, looks very smart, registered in Exeter apparantly. I fitted a new head gasket to mine last year, quite a job, but I've done 20k+ since and its been fine.

Rob does your XM have the rear interior windo intact with clips? or alternatley do you have the interior clips that hold the window in place? and i'm after the centre console rear window switches as you are going to break up the car i thought i might ask

Cheers carlos
Hi Carlos
It is listed on Ebay at the moment.I have had 2 enquiries about breaking it,but no bids.It ends on Sunday,so if it doesn't sell it will be stripped of as much as I can get off it and then scrapped.It is an estate so no interior window thingy!Window switches available,but the nearside rear window doesn't work,so I don't know if it is the switch or something else.
Feel free to contact me on Sunday evening.
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