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Hi All.

Can anyone explain.. the following XM on ebay:

In the description, under the BAD points section, the owner (appologies to you if you are a fourm member) states the Car had two Didoes soldered into the ECU to Lock it into soft mode.. as the ECU went crazy..

Can anyone tell me, how had this been done?? What does the term "Diode" dewcribe.?? To me its an Electronic component, black with 2 or 3 legs, is this what it is?? Is it an easy thing to do??..

Many thanks


A diode is a device which allows current to flow in one direction only. They're commonly added to the ECUs to solve problems caused by dodgy electrovalves, or component failures in the ECU itself.
....and back EMF from the coil damaging the computer. They have two wires/legs/tags.

Hi all,

If you read the self help here, it explains the purpose of the diodes:

However, it makes the statement the seller has made complete nonsense. The purpose of the diodes is to replace the bust ones in the electrovalves which are there to prevent the MOSFET in the ECU from overheating. The diodes CANNOT feed power to the electrovalves and hence keep them in soft mode. Someone doesn't know what they're talking about.


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