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With all the comments on this forum about suspension set-ups, worn out struts, bushes, etc. I got curious as to how long a set tyres should last on these cars.

I think i was a little spoilt with my BX where they always lasted at least 50-60k. (one on the back lasted over 100k - the other suffered a puncture at a tender 70k!).

I had to completely re-boot my XM last year having worn out all the edges on the N_S front. I common problem i am sensing. I've done about 20k since with big signs of tread loss on both fronts. Of concern is still the NS front even having had the strut replaced (2nd hand unit). This just seems to wear excessively on the outer edge. Currently I'm trying to counteract this by running slightly higher pressures and obviously moving the tyres around when it gets too bad.

Any comments on how long tyres typically last front and back on the XMs?
It depends a lot on the tyre compound, the cheapo front tyres I fitted to my estate when I got it have now covered about 30k and are still good, but they give a hard ride. I would sacrifice some tyre life for better comfort. The rears are the original ones from when I bought it, they dont seem to wear at all!

Tracking of course plays a large part, but if yours are worn equally on both edges, that sounds to be OK.

Hi Gav,

Back tyres seem to last forever. I can't recall the exact number of miles but it is high tens of thousands.

I have the same problem as you on the front tyres though. I just bought 2 new tyres for the front last week. The most common faults which could cause this are as follows:
Tyre Pressure
Strut tops
Strut piston bearings
Wishbone bushes
Bottom Ball joint
Track Rod End
Steering Rack
Wheel Bearing

I replaced the track rod end because it was shot and I checked for movement on all the rest but found nothing. My next task is to get the tracking checked although it was done about a year ago. I'll let you know how I get on.


noz cool.gif
A common problem then. Certainly with the heavy 2.5td & front wheel drive & steering i do not expect miracles but do seem to experience issues from dodgy alignment.

The general tread wear seems consistent (if a little quicker than hoped) but its the dreaded outside edge. I remember also i changed the link rod at the same time as the strut, which confirmed the old one was shot. Also had the tracking checked although they confirmed it was fine. (i am of course suspicious that they just said this instead of trying to loosen the adjustment nuts!).

The tyres incidentally are michelins so i would not expect such rapid wear as a matter of course. they were purchased cheaply however through Costco (£77 each fitted) but you need to know someone to get you in.

at the moment i am resorting to the theory that its cheaper to change the tyres around the car then eventually replace them rather than rip the guts out of the suspension compoonents!
Hi Gav, Noz and All

I was only looking at the tyres on the front of the V6 a few days ago and thinking that the outer edges of the tread were rounding a bit. I had put it down to driving style round bends with an XM as I seem to notice that following traffic drops back around most bends. Now I have a new list of possible faults with the front suspension and steering. Thanks Noz!!!

As to tyres I try to keep pairs of same type and wear on the same axle. I seem to do repacements in a different way as I put the new pair on the back and move the worn rears to the front. This is as recommended for XM's on the Perelli web site.

In terms of wear the XM's seem just a little heavier on front wear than the BX's that preceeded them.


If the tyres are wearing symetricaly, tracking is usually the problem. Inside edges wearing = wheels toeing out, outside edges wearing = to much toe in. I am not all that confident in tracking carried out by garages, even if they do have £ks worth of equipment.

I use a length of threaded rod, with a couple of nuts, slid inside a piece of conduit, I adjust it so that it just touches the inside of the tyres at the front of the wheel, then transfer it to the back, making sure you have it at the same height, and adjust so that there is a small gap, 2 or 3mm is enough, or 1/16" if your my age. I always adjust mine this way and my tyre wear is as perefctly even as you can get it.

David Hallworth
All of the local tyre garages around about us recommend that you always fit new tyres to the back of the car, so mine get swapped around quite frequently, so i've no idea what kinda life i get!

Hi Peter,
I am interested in your device for setting the wheel toe -in and I can see the theory but in practice aren't there too many obstacles between the 2 front wheels to be able to place the conduit ,unless it is measured low down on the wheels ? And if it is done, low down on the wheels, won't accuracy be lost ? Or do you raise the suspension to Maximum and does this give enough clearance ?
regards Tony
When I was a lad 60 years ago (!) we used the fron-and-back measurement trick. It worked all right on Ford Prefects and Anglias! Things have changed, and I would only go to a reputable tyre specialist who has laser tracking equipment for my "modern" XM. For £30,I have peace of mind and long tyre life.
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