Hi there all, its bank holiday weekend and i guess allot of you are out fixing the car.

Recently i took the engine and gearbox out of my 2.0i Xm and when refitting it i had some problem with the clutch cable.
My cable has no adjustment on it, at the pedal end it links to the L shaped pivot braket on the bulkhead and on the gearbox its slots in the U shaped hole and held by a clip and then just held by tension on the clutch release lever.

When i put the cable on and then pressed the pedal, it was hard and then it went ping and the pedal went to the floor.
I disconnected the cable again and checked it and it hadn't broken so i put it back on again, but now the pedal goes down with no resistance and the cable is being pulled about a 1 cm but its not enough to move the release arm.

Can the cable stretch?, ive checked under the dashboard and the pedal and everything seems in place, nothing loose or broken.

Does anyone know how to remove the cable from the pivot on the bulkhead, there's a pin do you tap that out?.

I used the same clutch as it still looked good but changed the release bearing.