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Full Version Re:reserve Level Of Petrol Tank?

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Hi all.
Does anyone know how much fuel is left in the tank when the fuel light comes on on the dashboard?I think I recall 8 litres....but this seems a bit low.Mine comes on with 2 segments left until empty.
Many thanks
Regards Rob
Mine starts to flash on and off at just below 1/4 full, but I have had 50 miles out of it after the light stays on without running out.

Hi Rob,

On the 2.5TD the fuel light seems to be controlled by the ecu since the light always comes on when the 'miles to go' indicator hits 70. I've run it down to the fumes before and got more than 70 miles out of it. I've no experience of the petrol but I presume the tank would be the same?


noz cool.gif
Its strange my reserve light only came on with the ignition on but the engine not running, as soon as i start the engine the light goes off. I thought this was to remind you you were low on fuel before you drive off, then one day i ran out of fuel and the light never lit.
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