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Full Version Gearbox Gone?

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Hi fellas

I was pulling out of my street when the gear stick of my 94 2.0 turbo went limp I could not put the car into gear at all . The gear stick was unable to find a single gear . Let me tell you these are heavy cars to push!!. Any thoughts ? Is this a new gearbox job and if so how assessable is it to get to and should i start crying now at the price the citroen garage is going to charge me ?. The car has only done 54kms

Help starting to stress!! sad.gif

I understand from friends who are petrolheads, that it simply means that the bracket linking the gearlever to the gearchange rods is a common-enough fault on these models and earlier ones. It has been caused by a pivot pin shearing, I am led to believe, and not -thankfully - a gearbox-out job because my infromant dealt with it lying on his back in his drive!
I hope he is right.
Sounds good if thats all it is ! . I have looked through my haynes guide and can't find anything on the pin any ideas on how to fix this one or should i consult a mechanic ?

On this matter can anyone recommend a citroen garage in London central or south east?

Has anyone used citroen city central and are they anygood, or do they charge like wounded bulls?
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