I'm surprised I haven't seen this mentioned on the forum - maybe I've missed it.

I've found every XM I've owned (Mk1 & 2) suffered badly from brake pad fade brought on alarmingly quickly with any attempt to push the car even slightly along country roads.

The problem occurs because the pads become MUCH less efficient as they get hot with harder and/or more frequent braking. I've always attributed the problem to the enormous weight of the XM.

I've found fitting Mintex "fast road use" front pads cures the problem completely.

If you order Mintex pads - simply specify M1144 spec pads (M1144 becomes the product code suffix). The front pads for 2.5TD's are therefore MDB1526M1144.

More information at www.mintex.co.uk.

These aren't always readily available and often have to be ordered. I usually get them from Questmead in Rochdale (01706-860088) who normally have them in stock.

I hope this helps someone - and I'd be interested to hear if anyone else finds brake fade a problem or has alternative solutions (other than driving more slowly) - or maybe it's just me.