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Hi all and everyone...

Ok, I managed to purchase a replacement CL IR remote key for my 1993 XM V6..

Now, is it possible to program these units like the Xantia ones?? Or have I got a dead end, and should have asked for the roof mounted reciver..

This makes my XM virtually originally complete now..

Any help greatly appriciated..

Happy XM motoring
Hi citroenxm

I had a try with the Xantia method of reprogramming with Mk1 remotes and failed miserably BUT I think it should work on a MK1.
The easiest route is to get a matched set receiver/fob.
Now not many people know this but the receiver wiring plug on a Mk1 XM is common to the following cars ZX, Xantia, 106, 306 & 605. So why not use a matched Xantia set. Sadly not an option for Mk2 owners where the systems are unique.



I bought a 2-key Xantia remote which I thought looked exactly like my half-destroyed 94 XM plip, but on removing the internals of both they are completely different, PCBs were very different and XM's has 1 key only, although from outside they look identical. So I now know why I had no success whatsoever trying to reprogramme it to muy XM' s receiver. You might want to do the same check -it's easy to remove the PCBs, just pull it out- not to waist your time trying to match the different things. Probably safest option is to buy sets receiver/fob always.
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