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Hi all
I have just made it back 1800 miles in 3 days of driving...looking forward to a kip tonight!I didn't see any Estates this time Peter and only a couple of saloons as well.It started 1st time every time wacko.gif ,it was great not to go to the surrounding cars on the ferry sand ask them to put their windows up whilst I tried to start it!1st trip was down to France and it used maybe 1cm off the top of the water level.Next trip was across to Switzerland and it lost the contents of the header tank in under half the distance(but I did put the heater on(I know it doesn't work,but the flow bit)).Despite returning to the car after only 20 miles on the return journey to see a brown stream coming from under the car it didn't appear to use any water on the way home.If I shut the air vent off it is almost like the water leaks from the heater part and it is only when you put the heater on(or open the vent)that the water from the main system fills the void and the tank level goes down.If the vent is closed the water level does not go down.
An interesting point regarding the thermostats.I got stuck in a jam and the temp went up to just under 90(I don't know if the fans work,but 90 is the max).If it gets this hot the other thermostat opens and the temp went down on a downhill run afterwards to 56 for quite a few miles!!!!!!!!!!!!This was mid journey so the block etc was very hot as well!At least the water is circulating despite its reddish brown/ditchwater colour!!!!!!!Thereafter it ran at 65-68 ish,whilst heavliy laden and at a fair speed ph34r.gif
Better go.............knackered!
Regards Rob
Hi Rob

Pleased you had a pleasant and fairly uneventful trip. We are off to France next month, Poole - Cherbourg but only down to Brittany. There must be something about France, the only time my XM has ever boiled, was stuck in a jam at Cherbourg., air temp about 30C. It was then I found out that the fans didn't work! it never got hot enough in this country. But, it apparantly had no detrimental effect on the head or gasket (wasn't this car, previous one about 275K). If it had been a 1900 I dont think I would have got away with it. Says something for the design of the 2.1 head.

Bon voyage Peter!!
Enjoy the cheap(er) diesel prices wacko.gif .The cheapest I found was 72p per litre(of course I had already filled up 5 minutes earlier!!!),even in Switzerland it was 79p per litre although petrol is cheaper than diesel there.It is the only time I can afford to fill it up!!Have a look in the big supermarkets for oil as well-I bought a 5 litre can of Diesel semi-synthetic oil for £6!!£12 here at GSF and £15 at Halfords!
Have a good trip. biggrin.gif
Regards Rob
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