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Has anybody tried fitting a parking brake cable (the twin cables that go forward to each caliper) to a V6 XM? I just wondered if the V6 engine made fitting the cables difficult. It's a job I need to do before getting the car an MOT.

Thanks people,


I've fitted them to my 2.5TD. It was a fairly easy job. Although I don't know the V6 at all, the space around the engine cannot be any worse than the 2.5 lump.

Remove the cable from the caliper end completely. Pull out of the eye connected to the track rod so that it hangs free. Take off the plate underneath that protects the compensator from the hot exhaust. Unhook the end of the cable from the metal plate and remove from the car. Refitting is the reverse of removal as they say.

Whole job shoud take about 30-40 mins tops.


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Thanks Noz, I'll proceed with caution, but some degree of optimism. I finally got the hot start problem sorted; as well as a dodgy relay it turned out there were a couple of loose conections plus a sticky brush on the starter motor. I entrusted the job of removing and refitting the starter motor to the local garage. Very tricky; both exhaust manifolds had to come off, along with a heat shield that hid the motor from view. Two studs sheared in the manifold; luckily using a pilot drill and a fret saw (fret saw blades cut steel for a short while; job took 4 blades) I was able to bore through the broken stud then cut it out in segments. Hmmmmmmm it will all make sense some day.



nice to hear you solved at least one problem. No wonder people don't understand why we drive these cars. The number of times I've heard the advice 'Why don't you just go and buy a Mondeo or Vectra and be done with it..........'


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Peter N
Before yo pull the old cable out, tie a piece of wire on the end and then use this to pull the new cable through.

Peter N.
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