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hello everyone...

In my contry there is no TURBO or V6 manaul XM, but I think manual XM is better than automatic I want to decide a converation...

the question is, (1)no manaul XM in my contry, so I am not sure the parts need in manual converation... driveshafts are the same in 4B18 automatic gearbox and ME5T manual it will be more simple...

(2)maybe I can borrow the gearbox and some parts from Xantia TURBO(it's been in my contry), BUT what gearbox in Xantia is called ML5T, is it the same with ME5T?

Thank you very much.... ^^
Hi icrc,

Go to

In the second box, second line, click on "BX and XM parts catalog". This will take you to a site where you can download the complete microfiche parts catalogue for both Series 1 and Series 2 XMs. You should then be able to find the info that you need.

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