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My petrol 2.0si turbo hatch has decided to immoblise itself and won't let me start it !
Although the green lamps on when I try to start off goes the horn etc and it won't start.
Have tried to switch to neutral mode but without any luck.
Could it be something to do with only having a door key (didn't get a remote when I got the car three years ago) ?
Does anybody know of a way round the immobiliser ???

What year is your car and do you know if it's series 1 or series 2?

If series 2, then I have the wiring diagrams. If series 1 then I can't help I'm afraid. I don't have copies of the S1 wiring diagrams.

Let me know the exact spec of the car and I'll try to help.


noz cool.gif
Its an L reg 93 Series 1 auto.
Am told that problem is probably the alarm has set itself (as I haven't the remote it certainly wasn't me!) and not the immolbiliser.
If I disconnect the alam box this should solve the problem not sure where it is thou can you help ?

One possibility; with all doors and windows closed disconect the battery negative terminal, then leave it alone for 30 minutes. When you reconect the alarm system will arm (default), but should disarm when you use the key to open the drivers door. Worth a try.................

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