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Full Version Xm V6 Over Heating!

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Hi ALL fellow XM ers ....

After finding an LHM Leak to be a return pipe popped out from the Regulator unit, I popped it back in and put a hose clip on it to stop it popping out again, as there wasn't one on it, I also fitted a Glove box strut too so also have a PERFECT S1 glove box too... We are getting close to perfect


HIIISSSSSS glug glug..... steam!!! ARGGHHH

My bloody thermo stat has stuck SHUT!!

One thing after another!... I've even had to wire a push start switch to the starter because when she is hot and bothered she dont start on the key! But does when cold, I guess the exhaust heat bothers the harness..

So, here we go again, top engine mount off just to get to thermo stat!

I'm defenatly NOT having a V6 again. It will be either a TD or a CT.

Can anyone confirm, does the CT Turbo engine suffer from Turbo problems, like the 406/605 2.0 engines??

Shall keep you updated when thermo stat is done.

Happy motoring for now to you all (I'll be zipping around in a minter Pug 205 GL 1987 D reg!!)

never had a problem with both my CT engine's but I cooked the head on my green one on a high speed run 140mph and still pulling.
shame I really liked that car very good auto box.

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