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Hi there

New to the site and i have a second hand 94 xm 2.0 turbo petrol. I have just returned from a wonderful 3 hour drive on the motorway with not a beat missed temp midrange to low then as soon as i hit London the temp went through the roof and began to overheat. Luckly i was pulling into my street.

As i am new to these cars i was hoping for some help ... Could it be a simple case of low water in the radiator? or the thermostat has given up the go ? . Seems strange as the car was terrific on the motorway and then hiss... sad.gif
Radiator fans probably not working. Check all relays which are probably mounted on panel over the top of the radiator. Corrosion is a certainty in that area.
Will do , hopefully thats all it is
No luck fans working ok checked fuses and coolent levels ok xm still getting hot any other thoughts bar the thermostat? wacko.gif
have you tried changeing the sender unit for the temp gauge
If it runs at normal temperature when at speed but overheats in traffic, its all to do with the cooling efficiency of the radiator. You have a large volume of air being forced through the radiator at speed, this has to be compensated for by the fans when moving slowly. Have you allowed it to idle and checked at what temperature the fans come on? Either the fans are coming on to late ie. at to higher a temperature or the radiator has lost its efficiency either due to internal obstruction ie, furring up, or external obstruction due to the matrix being full of dead moths and leaves. If you leave the engine ticking over and the fan cuts in, will it pull the temperature down low enough for it to cut out again?

Thanks for all your advice fellas i spent the best part of today pulling apart the front of my xm !! and inspite of what i thought i saw and heard 3 days ago after peering through the top of the raditor it wasn't until i hadn't pulled the front of the xm off i realised that both left and right fans were not working so the intial diagnosis from Techamanagan was correct i have checked the fuse box in the front of the air filter box and they appear fine. what can i look at next unsure.gif
Did you find any relays for the fans on the panel over the headlights or am I cofusing your car with my S2. I had a S1 but can't remember where the relays are located! There must be some somewhere! The front of the engine bay is best guess. That's where all the corrosion takes place on XMs .
Hi found 3 relays in the front 2 to the left above the main main lights with relays in and 1 in front of the underbonnet fuse box however one of the sockets was missing i changed the relay from the left but still no go all looks ok no corrosion or rust what wattage should i be looking and where can i find some more of these relays ?
If the relays are the same as a MK2 , they are 35A and marked 03531 .They cost me £3.66 inc vat each, from a main dealer and only took a day to arrive ,which I thought was very good.
regards Tony
Hi All.

I had a 3litre V6 which fans DID NOT work. Remove each relay behind the passenger side headlight and WD40 them, and replace each one..

I did this on my black one and they began to work...

As mentioned, its corrsion on the relay legs....

Good luck..

Thanks fellas will now attempt to source the 35A relays and hopefully all will be fine wink.gif
Bugger my new relays arrived i have WD40ed the sockets and still no fan action!!
may be the thermostat has had it. wacko.gif
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