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Full Version 1st Year Of Xm Motoring...a Novices View!

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Hi all.
Well the last year has flown by,I have had my car now for 12 months now and thought I would review the year and car for anyone else thinking of buying an XM! wacko.gif
I didn't think I could afford even an Ebay Diesel XM and was surprised to get mine for £650 then,in hindsight I paid too much,but I thought I got a bargain at the time unsure.gif .I think prices have dropped even further in the last year and having owned one I can understand why.I was warned off them by an experienced mechanic and to a degree he had a point.It seem most of the readers on this site are very capable mechanics an absolute necessity with these cars.
I have done 14,000 miles in mine and probably have spent £200 on tyres,glowplugs etc,nothing too major and the car has never let me down.Although I would drive to France in it tomorrow,I am never 100% certain that I will arrive and return! ph34r.gif
My advice to anyone considering buying one is look at this site(well you are reading this so that is a good start)(I didn't do much research,but was relatively lucky),don't pay too much for one and assume that your car could potentially be fine the day you buy it and a write off a week later which reiterates the point regarding the price.All the faults with them are well covered with helpful tips to fix.
I am trying to get mine through to the warmer weather,starting is a real pain at the moment due to air getting into my worn fuel pump,but when it is going and the temp rises during the day it is fine.
Would I buy another one?Yes I would but I would try and find a Series 2 2.1TD Estate,with leather seats,cruise control and air maybe the 2CV van is beckonning! tongue.gif I am in the Antiques Trade and it is great for shoving everything in,it is very economical on the motorways achieving 50mpg plus and almost 1000 miles on a tankfull.
My left hand windscreen jets have never worked properly,the water dribbles out and I have never bothered to fix it.To my astonishment today they started working pointing the 2 jets of water perfectly onto the screen.The joy was short lived as at the next traffic lights I tried them again and it was back to the right 2 only again!!!
Many thanks to you all for a fine site and all the help you have given me to keep mine going over the last year...and bits John! tongue.gif
Regards Rob
PS.I don't like Pink Floyd...I get depressed just thinking about them! sad.gif
Hi little&large,

Well, we all cant like pink floyd. Theres many of others I think of and get depressed about...

Anyway, you'll have a hard job finding a 2.1TD with cruise, you'll have to have the 2.5TD, and you'd have to retro fit leather too. I beleve NO Series 2 (estates at least) were not fitted with leather, only the EXCLUSIVES had leather. Citroen DOWN graded trim levels on S2 cars, and I think S1 cars were MUCH better equipped, and you'd get a S1 estate 2.1TD with leather too...

Your best bet would probably be a Series 1 and a Half, around the K to L reg models, they have some S2 mods but have the originallity of S1's..

Happy XM motoring... for another year

I concur with citroenxm, to find a 2.1 td estate with electronic engine managment (necessary for cruise control) it would have to be post '97 and it would most likely be an auto, which I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. there are about two manual estates registered after'96, but I havn't been able to find either of them! if you can find one I will pay good money for it! and, I dont think they made a an Executive estate either, I have certainly never seen one, in the flesh or for sale.

I am on my fourth 2.1 td estate now and I dont think that there is another car on the market now to rival them, especially for ride comfort and room. I also get 40 - 50+ mpg, I have never managed 1k on a tank but I think it is possible, I often get 800 and once nearly 900, I think the 2.1 td is the best and most efficient version of the XUD engine.

I have had my fair share of problems, especially with the Mk1s, the Mk2s are generally much more reliable. The most feared job, by me anyway, is the head gasket, but I did actually tackle it on mine last year and can appreciate why Citroen want about £1k to do the job! Now its done I would expect it to last at least 100k, I have covered about 15k since doing it without any problems.

Fantastic car but not for the non mechanically minded

I think I was trying to be ironic with my wish list for my next XM as I have been aware of Peter looking for one for ages...and even considering a BMW!!However,I didn't realise there were only potentially 2 post 97 Estates though!It has been an experience owning my XM for the past year!I love the concept of the car,but just wish it wasn't so complicated and potentially unreliable,my DIY skills are limited as you have probably gathered from my posts!It must be very satisfying to repair a car and keep it going and I am sure that is part of their charm.
Still 14K in 8 months of actual use isn't bad...and it always starts eventually!
When I did 961 miles on the tank I managed to get 88 litres in my tank and it wasn't empty when I filled it,although the manual states 80 litres max,it was full to the brim though...and there wasn't a 10 litre pool under the car either.(in France-couldn't afford it here!).I managed to do 200 miles before the gauge went down to the full mark!
Regards Rob
There may be an ellusive 2.1 estate with leather & Ac out there somewhere. My S2 vsx has both of these as optional extras when bought new. (tan leather at that!)

Cruise well no.

Its because of what can XMs offer is why mine go into retirement with the threat of the scrap man and then get restored again.

As far as I can see the nearest equivilent is a Saab 93 TID top of the range. Still not as good in the toys or ride dept, but propbably more reliable if a tad boring.

I am aware of some T-reg (1999) black 2.1 Autos , with leather, cruise and digital A/C that were being sold or stripped/scrapped in South Wales atm.
The owner has at least 5 '99 T XMs - all 2.1 Auto, (only 1 estate I think) and all previously owned by a limo company, bought as a job lot.

Will look up number if anyone really interested, as have moved away so can't just pop in and ask anymore! Contact me off list for info.
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