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le adder noir
G'day from Downunder,

My XM is my daily commuter to work & back which makes its latest noise of the week all the more clench inducing.

Isolated the buzzing (already fixed the 'ceiling fan') to a relay under the glovebox.

It is rated @ 12v / 50A and has the appropriate heavy gauge wiring going into it and bigger terminals on the relay to suit.

It is not related or close to the indicator relay.

Made by G Cartier in France with the number 2769 in silver letters on it (for i.d?) The wiring loom to it is labelled RKG 96079 033 80

Replaced it with an aftermarket (Narva) unit which also buzzes!

Can anybody shed some light on this pretty seriously rated relay within the dash and what it does? (can I leave it out?)

Is it under the glove box (so that you have to move the glovebax to access it?), or is it below the glovebox with all the other relays, and if so, what is its position in relation to all the other relays. Does it buzz when the ignition is switched on without the engine running, or does it only buzz when the engine is running? Tell us more, and some clever chap on this site might tell you what it is and why it buzzes. (and again, he might not!!). techmanagain
Hello "le adder noir",

very sorry but I can't help with the relay....Just wanted to ask how did you fix the ceiling fan from buzzing -mine's the same but can't think of a way to fix it-.

If you put your fingers on the relays when the noise is present, you should be able to 'feel' the one thats buzzing, when you have found it, take it out and see what doesn't work.

The 'buzzing' temp sensor fan probably just wants a drop of careful lubrication.

Hi George

With the buzzing fan in the roof light it usually needs a clean up before you lubricate it. A flush with compressed air or aersol air duster works well otherwise careful use of a cotton bud.


le adder noir
Thanks for your inputs Chaps,

Relay is located under the glovebox when removed (4 screws) almost directly in the centre of the square gap that is exposed in the dashboard when the g'box is out.

Buzzing relay (when ignition is on, engine on or off) located & removed but have not (as yet) found any thing that doesn't work with it disconnected.

My concern is it was installed (Factory) to handle some decent amperage (sic) but for what exactly, that is the question.

thanking you in advance....

P.S. The 'ceiling fan' is quite a cool little device in the roof console which as the guys have explained just needs a detox after many years of sucking dirty air. (seen inside your P.C lately? Same scenario)

Hi there Blackadder,
I suspect the relay to which you are referring has some hefty blue cables running from it. If so, it is connected to the heater blower motor, operated by the rotary fan switch. (The left hand one of the three). When this switch is in the auto position, I suspect that something is trying to automatically switch the blower motor on, and not doing a very good job. Try changing the position of the control switch (fairly vigorously) and see if that makes a difference. According to my book there is a transistor in there somewhere which may be causing the trouble!
Regards, Ernie, NZ. cool.gif
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