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Full Version Xm Mk1 2.1 Auto Gearbox

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Bill Murray
Can anybody help, probably Noz!
I am interested in another XM which has a box problem in that going from neutral to drive up through the gears no problem, try slowing down say at a roundabout & box will not change down & car shows naturally enough a tendency to stall.
However if one re-enters neutral & then back to drive, goes down gears OK.
Reverse is OK.
Slight tendency to slip in forward drive.
Help please!
rgds, Bill
Buggered gearbox. I dont think these early Auto box's are Electronically controlled.

Either leave alone, or you have a lot of work. To change box its engine AND box out together as theres not enought space to remove alone.. Its too big.

Auto box's are the main source of killing or writing an XM off really.
They should have been ALL manuals!
Even I've changed my mind after 2 V6's Auto's. I want to go back to manual.

Bill Murray
It's a quite late Mk1...Aug 93, if there is a chance that it is electronically controlled, would that make the situation better?
How late, Does it have the "Square Angular" dash, or the more Rounded "Xantia" type dash??

I think it will be the older box.. I've not heard much about Later electronic Auto Adaptive boxes..

Guess a few other may have comments when they have logged on and read...

Nope, it's has hydraulic "computer" which controls shifting. Electronic controlled gearbox is after 1998 on ES9 engine (6Cyl/24V). The problem is either in this hydraulic block or slipping forward cluch. Try changing oil and cleaning filter 2 times between 500miles, it may help. The oil is drained from the bottom, where the filter is (cap with 3 bolts). If not - removal is 8hours work - it's removed together with the engine. Nothing scary, but expensive sad.gif
Bill Murray
Thanks to you all for your input, however I came to my senses & did not buy!
Valuable info though for next time....
Cheers, Bill
I would steer clear of auto's unless you can get it at a price that will allow you to scrap it if it goes wrong. The manual boxes seem to last forever and even if you get a fault on one it doesn't usually stop you from driving it.

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