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XM_on_ a_ shoestring
The code pad cover on my XM2.5 td was snapped off when I got the car.
Ha s anyone got a spare, or is there a way of mending it with a metal hinge or something wacko.gif
Xm on a shoestring
Hi shoestring

It is usually the plastic hinge pins on the base that snap off. The lid is usually undamaged. You can of course only buy the two parts as a pair fron Cit for somewhere about £14. I have some spare lids.
It may be better for security reasons to leave the keypad visible with no cover. If it can be seen from outside then it may well deter joyriders from breaking in.


Xmexc is right the parts are avalible from citroen fo £14 for the black top and £26 for the wood effect. Its up to you what you want to do it can be easly fixed but for the price I wouldnt bother
p.s. I fixed mine before going to citroen
G'Day All,
The cover on my XM keypad has also broken off! It has been no problem until this morning, when I found I couldn't start the motor.
Both the red and green leds were glowing and I couldn't punch in the numbers!!!
I found that my faithful hound had stood on the number 1 and jammed it down and so nothing would work.
I will have to shoot the dog or repair the cover!
Regards from NZ, Ernie. cool.gif
I don't know whether this is still the case but I was able to buy just the lid from my Citroen dealer, after he tried to sell me the while unit. I'll have a look and see if I can get a part no. I have since done away with the pad and replaced it with the pocket from a series 1
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