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danny boy
hello helpful enthusiasts.
the background. i'm a peugeot 205 enthusiast with a liking for turbo power. i found a l reg xm 2.0si turbo auto sitting at the back of my local and (with the intention of using the engine) made the landlord a modest offer for it, which he accepted, with the comment "it doesn't start very well".
i put a booster pack onto the battery, and it fired up and drove home.
i parked outside my house, turned it off, and tried to start it a minute later, but the battery appeared totally flat.
it will start with the booster, and i can drive it 20 miles no problem, but as soon as i switch off, it won't fire up again.
i am now considering keeping it in one piece, cos its a fabulous car, and my wife would much prefer to use the xm to ferry our son round in than a 205gti. any ideas where to begin to look?
i've topped up and charged the battery, with no success. where next?
dunno really. New Battery?

I was going to say the same 'have you tried a new battery'!

Well I guess it HAS to be a duff altinator, a battery should charge after a 20mile drive...

However, its worth trying a battery first.. You could try the 205 battery on it for a couple of days, if it doesn't keep charge then its altinator..

danny boy
cheers everyone.
tax is out, so driving has now become naughty, but i'm £50 down for a new battery.
appears to have helped, even though 205 battery didn't.
we'll see how it goes as i will attempt to start it again tomorrow.
till then, remote central locking has even started working, never knew it had that or climate control!!
does everyones xm make weird buzzing noise when jacking up?
coming from left middle of engine bay as i look at it from in front. belt driven thing, i assume the hydraulic pump. just wondering if they all hum a bit or if mines about to give up the ghost?
thoroughly enjoying the experience of finding new things every time i mess with it though!

Hmmmm Hiisssssssss tick click Yup they all do it!! Its the heart of them!

Xm's hiss and tick more due to all the extra valves and units.. not things you need to know about really

Enjoy XM motoring...

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