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Full Version Dead Speedo

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Mark Bodsworth
Hi guys,

need a little advice. My speedo has just suddenly died, it reads 0 all the time with out any movement and didnt show any abnormal behaviour before packing up.
I managed to get underneath and get to the speed sensor plug on the back of the diff, cleaned this up and reffited but no joy.

Engine management light hangs on very slightly longer than normal and the suspension is working fine.

Any ideas.
The car is a 2.0 tct vsx 1998 and has done 70,000 miles.
Cheers Mark
Hello Mark

I belive that is the transducer - the one you cleaned - there is out of order. I had nearly the same situation as you - in the beginning the spedo failed only sometimes, but this came more and more often. At last it stoped working at all.

A new tranducer solved the problem. Price here in Denmark was around 30 of your kind of money.

Kind reg / Thormod

Guest_Mark bodsworth
Finally got around to replacing the transducer on the gearbox. Speedo still not working. Does anyone have any ideas of what i should try next.
cheers mark
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