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unsure.gif Hi, All
Can anybody advise me of the practicality of replacing a stuffed auto box with a manual box? I have a V6 auto,series1 and can possibly get a 2.1 turbo diesel manual, series1.(bent!)
The auto box was chockablock with slivers of steel. I cleaned the filter,replaced the fluid with Dexron 2 and gave it a run!! Terrible clunking noises as though the bearings are full of shards. Probably are!!
Tia Ernie NZ cool.gif
I have never actually tried this, but I know someone who has. It would seem that swapping the gearbox itself is not to much of a problem, but changing the gearchange linkage over is. But he did suceed so it must be possible. His was a 2.1 td though.

Hi Ernie

Diesel and petrol gear ratios are very different so although the boxes fit mechanically the result is not what you are looking for. There are further problems with using 2ltr petrol boxes in 3ltr cars. Have had some emails recently with 'citroenxm' who has done one V6 auto to manual conversion successfully so perhaps he will give you a reply after this weekends jaunt to Scotland.


David Hallworth
i bought a V6 XM from citroenxm, it started life as an Automatic, and was converted to a Manual.

The conversion has left the odd pipes floating around in the engine bay with nothing connected to them.

it runs well, but it keeps poping the odd hydraulic pipe as the mounts on the gearbox are different.

Also the flow divider seems to hang on only by 1 bolt instead of the 2.

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