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wacko.gif After owning my new xm for 1 day the car started to lose power and the k light was coming on intermittently, it felt like a lack of turbo boost and when i checked the flash codes it showed up the turbo pressure regulator at fault ! - Is there any way i can by pass the circuit for now (with the valve disconnected) so that the car is still driveable and it does not put the management light on and make the car go into limp mode ? - if not- does anyone have a turbo pressure valve spare they would like to sell ? - i have not tried to get a price yet from citroen !
Hi bewickman1,

Although the flash codes tell you its the boost regulator it could be anything in the circuit between the ecu and the boost regulator. Since this is the first time I've heard of this particular device failure it would lead me to believe there's a possibility of a loose connection somewhere along the line. I would try the connector on to the regulator at first for a good clean connection. Then I would look for a loose cable to the regulator leaning against the turbo or exhaust manifold and getting burned.

Try the simple things first before going to the expense of a new regulator.


noz cool.gif
Hi Noz, Thanks for the advice, however i've already tried the circuit and it seems fine and it's not routed anywhere near a heat source - i'm pretty sure it's the valve playing up and was just curious whether there was anything i could do to replace the valve in the circuit whilst i'm waiting for a new valve, ie bridging the contacts at the two pin connecter ? I didn't want to try this until speaking to an electrical wizard like YOU first !!
Kind Regards, Andrew.
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