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Hi can anyone help, we bought an XM today on way home the supposidly new pair of belts totally disintigrated, and took with them the crankshaft pully, it is now in two parts! one still attatched to car other spinning around it.
Also we cannot get into the boot, and the locks are spinning on some occaisions on both the passenger and drivers doors, and the boot lock just wont open.
We didnt get an alarm type key, just 2 normal ones? could that be the reason?
Anyone have any advice?
Hi Mandy

Sorry that your XM belts gave out. If you can give us the model and age of the XM, particularly engine type and size then I expect that someone will try to help with the engine problem.

On keys there are 2 types of ordinary key for an XM. One is supposed to work all the locks but the garage key will not work the boot lock or passenger glove box lock. In these 2 locks the garage key should just spin. An original garage key can be recognised as the black head is thinner and has black not red and white Citroen chevrons on it. The bit that stops it working these 2 locks is a little triangle punched into the flat of one side of the blade close to the black head. This little triangle projects into a keyway on the other side of the blade and it is this projection that stops the key operating these locks.

There is a chance that the boot lock will be defective. It is a common XM fault and if it has been replaced rather than repaired then it will have a different key.



Sorry have just looked at the heading again and see that it is a 2.1TD with aircon. So just need the age.


I dont think it was the belts that caused the problem, it was more likely the crankshaft pulley disintegrating which damaged the belts. The pulley is in two sections, inner and outer which bonded together by the rubber insert, the rubber perishes with age and falls apart. You are going to need a new crankshaft pulley I am afraid.

Hi Mandy,
The key in your door locks needs to be pushed in really hard to make your locks work.
It helps to squirt some CRC or WD40 into the locks occasionally too.
Sounds a bit rough having the pulley disintegrate,sorry to hear of that! Could happen with any vehicle!!
Hope you have a better run with your XM and really get to enjoy driving it as I do with mine,
Regards, Ernie, NZ cool.gif
Hi Mandy,

Sorry to hear of your woes. Hopefully with the help of club-xm you'll soon have your car back on the road.

As XMexc has said, you need to check the key. If the key is correct then the problem lies with the lock itself as Ernie has said. There's a self help file in the Self Help File section to show you in pictures and words how to fix the door locks. Here's a shortcut to the file:

As for the disintegrating pulley, I'll leave that to the 2.1 experts. I have a 2.5 so haven't had that particular problem (yet).

Have you thought of joining club-xm? There's no joining fee and because there's no commercial interest there's no ads or spam. If you join and login when you post, you'll receive an e-mail automatically telling you when someone has replied to your post.


Noz cool.gif


I have access to a 2.1Td, blown engine, so can get a CRANK pully if needed. The car was a 1996 2.1td N reg..

Let me know and I'll try and get hold of it if I can remove it..

You didn't tell me about that when I was up there!

Hi Peter

I did as you asked me about the registration, and I told you it was a manual and you said " thats a rare car ".. unfortunally it was already trashed before I got to it..
Hows your nose cone/grill?? Have you fitted it yet?

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