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David Hallworth
Could a faulty lambda sensor cause an erattic idle and the engine management light to come on?

My V6 isn't happy sitting idle, it splutters and revs without cause.

Any help appreciated.
Sorry David,

Your post was looking a bit lonely there.

I think you know the answer to your own question, just trying to deny the inevitable. It can affect the general running quite markedly. After all, its purpose in life its to confirm back to the ecu how well (or otherwise) it managed to control the mixture to +/- 0.1 either side of stoichiometric. If it gives rubbish back then the ecu will either run too rich or too lean depending on whether the problem is open circuit or short circuit.

Of course there are many other permutations which would give the same symptoms. Try some of these for starters:
Air leakage ino the inlet manifold after the air flow meter
Dodgy plugs
Dodgy HT leads
Dodgy Cap
Dodgy rotor arm
TDC sensor (favourite)
Throttle stop position sensor
Blocked air filter

Needs a bit more investigation and elimination of permutations to narrow down the problem. Plugging into the elit should help if sensor related. Elit won't pick up an air leak though for example.


noz cool.gif
Hi Noz,

Just a point to make to you (and David) theres no air flow meter. The Air flow sensor is in the inlet manifold "Mouth", ie: Were the air flow pipe is clipped on..

I'm not sur my self what causes rough I'dle, hence my no reply.. just a correction to your notes.

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