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I bought a Xm without the electrical key. I have though a xm for spareparts with this key. Is it possible to reprogramme the key or locking mechanism in the car - and where is this located?

It is not possible to reprogramme without a lot of electronic knowledge. If you have a plip for one car and wish to use it for another then you must also change the receiver unit.

On a Right Hand Drive car the receiver is mounted underneath the glove box. Remove the glovebox and you will see the unit. Just unplug and swap with the one from the other XM.


noz 8)
go get yourself a new key. about 60 pounds, your dealer should reset it gratis.
Peter N

Are the remote locking systems the same on all XMs? I thought the early ones were I.R. or am I thinking of the CX?


You're dead right. I'm not sure on the exact date of changeover but roughly speaking the S1's used IR (infrared) and the S2's used RF ( Radio Frequency).

The IR system works on line of sight so the receiver was mounted up high just beside the rear view mirror but on the lighting console.

The RF system can go anywhere because the radio waves can penetrate the car body. The receiver is mounted on the steel crossmember behind the dash. You can get to it by removing the glovebox. Undo all the Torx screws around the perimeter but don't forget the one hidden behind the plastic cover on the lock. If you don't know its there and wrench the glovebox out of the hole then the plastic cover gives way and breaks into a few pieces. Can you guess how I know that ????


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Peter N

I have ordered a new one now £80+ but it would have probably cost me that traipsing round scrap yards. I only hope it works! I managed to repair the old one once, resoldered several of those microscopic chip capacitors that had gone dry jointed, then a couple of the "through the board" connections went O/C so I gave up. I am used to working on TVs but this was brain surgery! Thanks for the location of the reciever, hope I dont need it.

Peter N.
I collected my new Plip at £83, and guess what? it didn't work. I was hoping that the transmitter was faulty as I couldn't detect any RF output, until I put it near my 70cms ham radio and found it was putting out a belting signal on 433.92 Mhz. So, the reciever must be faulty. Physical inspection has revealed no damage or dry joints. If I knew what all the connections were I could run it on the bench and check for signs of life with the oscilloscope. I have ascertained that 3 are relay and one is earth, has anyone any idea what the others are? In situ, there is 12v present on one pin and about 9.5 on two others, but without a circuit, I am, shall we say, disadvantaged.


biggrin.gif Problem solved. After a lot of searching, I eventually managed to get hold of a reciever and matching plip. I now have a new spare new transmitter, does anyone know if its possible to get them reprogrammed? I did't realise how useful remote locking was until in the dark last week I found that I was trying to fit the key into the rear door!

I expect you've probably figured it out by now but this may be useful to anyone else reading this. Reprogramming the remote control is dead simple, at least the RF type. All you have to do is to switch the ignition with the key to the first position (accessories) and press the button on the key fob a couple of times. Switch off the ignition and the key fob should now work.

I've read this because I'm after an RF receiver (PLIP) for my XM so if anyone has one please let me know!
Hi Grahamb and All

Have just tried and failed to get your method of reprogramming to work. I guess that the transmitter and receiver must need to have the same code number for the reprogramming to work. I tried an odd spare new fob with a known working receiver and it failed to respond. A little while ago while getting some keys cut I asked about ordering a second fob for this car and the dealer needed the receiver code, nearly £80 for the fob, delivery time unkown and it was then mentioned that they would need to programme the new fob to the car which would cost an extra £20 all plus vat. I said too costly and left it. I guess that your method is the reprogramming that would have cost me the £20. Since then I have had some success with a new, non citroen RF and fob set bought on the ebay for about £30.
I have a few XM receivers stacked away somewhere if you need one but most are orphans without a even a single fob.


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