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Hi all,

Happy New Year one and all!! laugh.gif

Went to Cardiff Wales to sort out aged aunts house since she has been in care. Car went beautifully all the way no probs. Switched off went in house checked around spoke briefly to neighbour. Went back to car no start ohmy.gif tried on successive days to start but no joy. Called out RAC man said coil ok but no spark could be ign amp or computer but shrugged and order trailer back to Milton Keynes very quick service but any ideas about what maybe wrong unsure.gif

This has happened before but has always started again after a while. Mech suggested that on some XMs' fuel pump multiplug under the LHM reservoir goes awry and wires have to be soldered together BUT??

Thanks in advance. ph34r.gif
Hi there paulxmski

Um, well, I went all the way to newcastle, super smooth drive, stopped in a main street outside a pub, went into chippie, came out and hey presto!! No go!!

I also have a 3.0 V6 SEi 1993.

What is your key pad dooing?? Do you still need to enter the Key Code??

Are the green AND red lights showing together on the keypad with the key on??

IF the Green and RED lights are with the key on its telling you the Keypad is not "Talking" to the ECU...

Give us some more clues to whats happening.... Do you still enter the key code in when you turn the ignition on??

I ask this as my first V6 I never needed to enter the code into the keypad, I beleve you can bypass them completely other then how citroen tell you in the handbook.... Anyway

Your keypad could have packed up
You could have a loose connection under the bonnet.

Open your bonnet, remove your ECU covers on the right hand side, below the water resoviour, try twiddling and rattling some connections....

I found this after the following realisation.

I sat in the car, turned the key on and then realised, theres no fuel pump noise from under the rear seats (You can ALWAYS hear it). So, I went under the bonnet with the key on, wiggled some wires then suddenly whrrrr click click, I was back on!!!

Look forward your reply.


Citroen Xm 3.0 V6 SEi 1993 K reg Auto
Hi Citroenxm,
ohmy.gif Thanks for the info on that one must admit I have never noticed the pump noise from the back seat biggrin.gif however I have suspected the keypad because sometimes when the car hasn't started immediately I have removed the key from the ignition then locked and unlocked the doors re-inserted the key and input the code and then it started. I tried this numerous times but to no avail on this occasion.
The lights were changing from red to green ok no red and green together.
For sometime now I have needed to remove the ECU plug occasionally when I start the car due to it going into a chugging mode and refusing to rev beyond 1500 rpm and cutting the revs down, so I did remove that plug and replace it but not with the ignition on. I will do that tomorrow when I put the re-charged battery back in. rolleyes.gif and see what happens. I have just thought that one of the relays on the front of the ECU box is the fuel pump relay and maybe it's sticking hmm dry.gif
It seems that I may have to take the LHM tank and out and check those connectors also but I will do the simple things first.
Hi paulxmski,

Try to prevent removing the LHM tank if you dont have too. I'd be more prepared to remove the battery tray assy first, BUT this involves removing the Air con drier, the ignition module and coil, reaching under and removing a nut securing the tray, and a few other bits, air cleaner too.

But removing the battery tray, this may prevent well sealed pipes on the LHM tank not sealing again or need bleeding, which ever you find more compitent.

Hi citroenxm,
Thanks for that tip citroenxm I definitely don't want a jolly green giant spill!! I have a feeling it may be the fuel pump relay which is attached to the ecu housing I have had trouble with these pesky relays many times so much so that I have removed the cover to the boot so that I can work on them more readily!! wacko.gif
XM v6 sadist
Hi Paul

Auto?Tried cleaning the inhibitor switch on the auto gearbox. On one of my former V6 it got dirty and produced similar symptoms to the ones you have got.


Hi xm V6 sadist,

From Paul's description, his engine is turning over but not fireing..

With the Auto inhibiter switch, starter doesn't activate. I have a faulty switch as the car doesn't turn, but if I wiggle the Gearlever out of P to R and back to P again it turns and goes..

In your original post you said that the RAC man told you there was no spark, it night be worth while concentrating on this before you look elsewhere. Suggest you first confirm his diagnosis by removing a plug (or two) and attempting to start, make sure the plug body is in good contact with the head and you should see whether sparks are occuring at the plug points. If they are sparking, then look elsewhere but if not - you know what the immediate problem is.

Hi alll,
problem solved turned out to be a faulty relay. I found a relay in front of the ecu which had a burn mark around one of the legs and the plastic was also melted. I replaced this with a similar relay from my other xmv6sei and the car started first time. I replaced the duff relay and the car started but after a minute it stopped and wouldn't restart so I was then absolutely sure it was that relay. I haven't had any trouble starting since. Thanks one and all for yourhelpful suggestions. laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
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