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Full Version Ramdom Misfire

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I've got a '95 S2 2.0 turbo exclusive manual. It's recently started to misfire so seriously that eventually you have to stop. After that the engine won't idle but will restart with throttle, still missing though. Then suddenly the problem is gone and many miles of trouble free motoring take place before the problem reappears....
It doesn't appear to be car or ambient temperature related nor rain. It doesn't happen in any particular gear or on load etc. totally random.
I suspect something electrical on the fuel system side but can't pin it down. It doesn't put on the sensor light, but I'll have to rig up an LED to read fault codes.
I pulled the 3 connectors on the throttle body but they looked OK, got some switch cleaner anyway :-) Also checked the crappy fuse box by the headlight that seems to solve every other fault on the car but again no use. Any more ideas folks? Don't suggest Haynes though will you!!!


Several possibilities in no particular order:

Throttle position sensor
TDC sensor
Water temperature sensor
Just about any sensor

Which part of the country are you in? Maybe your fastest way to a solution is for one of the other kind members of this forum to lend you their code reader to find out which sensor has the intermittent fault. Alternatively, if you have a friendly Citroen agent he might plug the computer in and tell you whats wrong. The last time I did it it only took 5 mins and they never charged me anything. They diagnosed a faulty diesel solenoid on the pump. I didnt even buy the solenoid there. I bought it at a local Bosch outlet.

Please let us know how you get on.


noz cool.gif
Last time I had this problem it was the contact breaker points, so I cant help much!

You might have helped more than you thought Peter!
I decided to pull the distributer cap off after reading you silly comment however I stripped a torks and gave up.... Pulling the multi pin connector underneath it though it felt a bit gritty. Sprayed it with switch cleaner and refitted it a few times. So far, one week and 500 miles later no problem... I'm feeling confident biggrin.gif
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