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Guest_Mark Bodsworth
Whilst visiting a mate in Aston upon Trent, Derbyshire, my Xm has sprung a coolant leak. Rac out and located the leak, but due to the location couldnt do anything with it. Towed back to Aston but need to get back to Luton tommorow afternoon.
The car is a s2 2.0 ct and is a 1998 petrol model.
The leak is on the small hose which runs of the top hose and dissapears behind the engine. This is the problem that the pipe at this end is inaccesible. Rac guy recons that the pipe could be cut and stretched, but if not a new top hose will be needed.
Is there anyone local who has a top hose for this model they could part with.
Cheers Mark

Erm sorry no.


I have bodged a couple of XM hoses now as a temp fix using 15mm or 22mm copper tube and a couple of jubilee clips.

It will buy you time.

Yes cutting and stretching also works - my 2.5 is currently running on this set up

Mark Bodsworth
What a sod of a job, new hose from Citroen should arrive by the 20th of January!
Got local garage to do it. They had to take the engine of its mountngs just to get to the damaged hose. They then managed to patch up the hose and make it water tight (hopefully) . They've instructed me to never take an XM there again.
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