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Hi All,

It's in.

And out.

And in.

And out.

And finally in. I think they call it the hokey kokey.

The secret was to feed the channel section in first, followed by the gearbox/cable drum assembly. l never did manage to do it with the motor and control box attached but fortunately that was fairly easy to couple up inside the door. I did remove the window as per Haynes to improve access.

A couple of odd things. Laying in the bottom of the door was a piece of black plastic about 5 inches square with two holes at the same centres as two of the securing studs on the motor. Haven't a clue what it was for and can't see what useful purpose it could serve. Also in the bilges was a length of rubber, semicircular in x-section, the same diameter as th side impact tube. It has a channel on the side, obviously for clipping to some door section, and what looks like a sealing lip. Once again there is no obvious purpose so I've just fitted it onto the side impact tube.

All that's left now is to run the wife's hair dryer (I don't have enough hair to run to one of those) over the sticky backed foam to unstick it from itself, and refit the door furniture.

What a superb forum this is.

Hi DerekW

Pleased the window winder went in the end. Even more pleased it worked.


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