Hi all
I had changed the filter in the summer....to my shame there were calcerious scaley growths in the base of the cylinder!!Car is running fine now-but still don't know what changed to cure the problem.Maybe something was partially blocked in the system and with regular use has become unblocked.MPG is OK at 43.5 with mixed urban and longer runs and 50mpg+ on a long motorway run.The fuel pump still leaks but after the new glowplugs it starts much better and idles evenly.
There should be an attached picture of my Isetta taken at the 50th Anniversary Event in the summer.There were 36 cars there which is the highest number in the UK since production ceased in 1964.The maximum capacity for ALL the cars/engines COMBINED is 10.73 litres!!!!(298CC/13hp per engine!).
Regards Rob