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the heater performs very poorly in my xm series 2
is there something i can do to improve it?
like a thermostat or similar maybe
god i wish i was more mechanically minded...
it gets warm eventually, but even when fan is on full and position on screen the front demister leaves a blind spot at top right of windscreen and leaves your feet freezing, if you put it to feet the damn window steams up seems i cant win
I have the same problem on mine, 1995 s2 2.1td sx

the heater used to work great a year ago, but now it doesnt, i only get a luke warm output from my heater. the pipes going into and out of the heater matrix both get hot. someone suggested a servo under the pasenger side footwell that is suppsed to have a white plug that you undo and conect a 9v batery across the thicker brown wire and the black wire in order to move the servo and associated flap to its other end. but i cant find and whiteplugs on mine!

To check if the thermostat is the problem, first look at the temperature gauge, if its showing normal, about half way, it should be OK, also, as steve says, check that the pipes going into the heater are hot. If the temperature is normal but the pipes are only warm, the something is restricting the flow through the matrix. I have never known one become blocked, but there is always a first time, the more likely problem is that there is air in it, remove the top hose with the engine running and filler cap off and top up until water flows from the heater and pipe.

The Second scenario is that the temperature flap servo motor is not working, you should be able to tell by whether you can vary the temperature by adjusting the heater control, if you can, the flap is operating, if not it isn't!. You can get to this motor by removing the glove box, dont forget the screw concealed behind the the lock escutcheon. You will find a small motor screwed to the side of the heater casing. You may be able to get a good secondhand one, new, I think they are about £60.00.

If the thermostat is the problem, it is located, unusually, at the o/s rear of the engine, not an easy job but not impossible.

hmms seems it isn't getting to temperature, it only goes up to about 70 deg and 90 deg is the halfway mark. prolly the thermostat but i heard its a pig to get at? all the heater controls seem to work fine dont suspect elecrical at all (yippee) thatll make a refreshing change i hear you cry... laugh.gif
ps i think there might be a bleed screw somewhere? but still trying to suss it out maybe it will become clearer when i manage to get a damn manual for the car wink.gif
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