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Hi All,

How can I tell what make my ABS system/sensors are?? I have purchased another (3rd now) XM V6.

Its a K reg, 1993 model year, RP 5719, and I need a REAR Passenger side sensor.

I have found though that the sensors DO connect on top of the STRUT mounts/rear chassis... and DO NOT trail accross the car as per early cars...

Will sensors off an 1994 M reg car fit as I have been offered parts from a 1994 Diesel model...

Thanks for any help.

Hi citroenxm,

The sensors will be from the same manufacturer as the ECU. The ECU has the name of the manufacturer written on the label.

As far as I know the two systems are not interchangeable. The shape of the plug and socket at the wiring joints is different.

There are 4 or 5 ABS sensors from different systems for sale on ebay right now if thats any help.

If the sensors you've been offered are for free or small beer then I'd take them in any case. If they don't fit your car then you could sell them to other club-xm members.


noz cool.gif
Thanks NOZ,

To all..

Was offered a load of Series 2 parts yesterday, so went to collect some today, IE: door mirrors, rad, displays, window winders (Both NON one touch), lights, front grill, H4 ECU..

The car was a 2.1TD, engine complete with 74k, but head gone for 2nd time, manual box.

Got a good scuttle trim too. Air bag wheel too,
Going back for front bumper next weekend, and ABS sensors. Any one want anything in particular I'll see if its there for you... Interior was a little trashed though unfortunally.


hi citroenxm
i need the surround black plastic trim that goes over the door handle inside the nsr passenger door (one missing) and also the nsf door lock interior button the one that screws onto threaded bar, i suppose these are all the same but the trim is handed i also have a missing armrest on drivers side just the bit that hinges up ..if you can help, if they cant be removed i could go for a new door trim altogether mine are just black.. also my drivers seat backrest motor isnt working perhaps i could get one of those if the seat trims are goosed i may be able to swap it, i also would like working gas strut etc for my glove box and the drivers door checkstrap assembly broken and or the ns door checkstrap not broken but wont hold open if you can help with any of these?
Hi All,

Further my ABS problem.....

I was told that all front and rear sensors were the same.... well after this weekend I can vouce that this is CORRECT.

Armed with that information I pulled my shed out to search for a pair of FRONT sensors I had kept off an M Reg V6 I broke earlier this year..

I found them, and compared them to the one I BROKE removing from the rear arm on my car, and they were the same make and physical size.. only the cable to the plug was different, and connected on top of the rear strut over the top of the subframe..
Anyway, I removed the hub bearing assembly (What a neat design, held on with 5 allen bolts!) melted the remaining sensor from the arm and cleaned the crosion from the hole, then fitted the sensor in.. BUT, after refitting the hub bearing I had to adjust the sensor out with the adjustable spacer so it didn't catch on the teeth.. set it up, put it all together and went and had a blast down the road, and hit the brakes .... It worked, and worked well..

SO front sensors WILL fit the rear and are the same physical size, just different calbe lengths, so I have BIG smiles now as I've saved a few quid on sensors..

The spare car I have access to has the same sensors on so will be saving them for myself.. this proves though, that Late S1 cars have features of S2 cars and werent completely different on the change over.

Not I'm sugesting anyone said there was...

Happy fixings to you all

Hi citroen xm

Pleased the back to front sensor (or was it front to back) worked and you have solved your ABS problems. How did you deal with the surplus or shortage of cable or did you eliminate the connectors. If you get a chance it would be useful to know the reference codes on your BENDIX ABR controller to compare it with the codes on an early Mk2 one that someone was kind enough to sell me.


Hi. xmexec

Was that me who was kind enough ..................

I shall do that ...... BUT........

The ABS light came on AGAIN tonight... Sigh!!! Will have to get under her again.. prehaps the current ABR on the car is blowing sensors..

Hi Citroenxm

How are your wheels? It may seem a silly question but I had a puncture a few weeks ago and I have been plagued with intermittant ABS faults ever since. I put the spare on and took the flat for repair. The screw went into the tyre at a very flat angle so it had to be scrapped despite being nearly full tread depth. I just found another spare and put it in the carrier and thought no more about it. As the ABS is the more reliable TEVES system I assumed it was dirt on one of the sensors that I must clean sometime. While researching ABS faults for the V6, which has a permanent fault and impending MOT, I came across a HAYNES statement that on ABS fitted cars you must not fit different size tyres between the front and rear. The law does not allow different tyre sizes on one axle. Now I think I have a 4mm tread difference on the back wheels, could this be enough for the ABS to be seeing sufficient pulse difference on test to declare the sensors faulty.
I will see what happens when I put a more matched pair of tyres on.


Hi xmexec

All tyres are the same BUT, Went to the car this morning to goto work and ALL OK, no fault came on, and ABS worked..

Could be getting too hot possibly?? I did leave the heat sheild off, thinking the rear brakes dont do much work..

Maybee I'm wrong


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