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Hi All

One of the reasons I bought the estate was for it's carrying capacity. However, I am puzzled by the rear seat folding. The seat squabs lift up fine and the back rests go forward without problem but the squabs don't go far enough forward to enable the seat backs to fold down 'flat'. Am I missing something? I could remove the seat squabs but attachment brackets are covered with nice plastic covers which I don't want to break. Is there a sensible way to remove these covers?


Hi Sean

The headrests need to be pushed right down into the seat back and then the sat back should just hinge down as a tight fit against the upturned seat base. You also might just have on of the front seats moved and tilted back so far that it fouls the hinged up back seat but for this to happen you would have to be a very laid back driver. To remove the back seats you need to go to the inside of the two vertical struts with the plastic covers. You will find a rubber block about 15mm square and 30mm long with a small hole through the centre. These two blocks hold the seat on the hinges, the centre hole is pushed over a steel pin welded to the vertical part of the rear footwell of the chassis and pointing forward. The rubbers are a pain to leaver off, usually a screwdriver job rather than just fingers. If you are going to take the seats out regularly then leave the rubbers off as it has not mine to have MOT problems. Mind you the year I presented it for test without the back seats caused the tester to consult higher authority and he was a bit miffed to be told no seats then no reguirement to test the seat belts.
The plastic covers you mention are screwed from the rear with 2 screws. You will see this when you have the seat base out. If you try to leaver these covers with the seat in place you will break them. I can supply an already broken set having been down the same learning curve but without your paticence.



Hi XMexc

Gosh that was a quick reply! Thank you so much, I'll have a look tomorrow when its light.

Many thanks Sean
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