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Full Version Aircon Gas Leak

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le adder noir
Evening, XM inators

A/C on my V6 has been revived (new seals, new pipes, compressor kit, new dryer / filter for new enviro friendly gas).

It is holding a vacuum during leak testing but on purging the system & regassing (compressor kicks in when there is pressure in the system, won't engage without) within a day the compressor stops engaging and a pressure test confirms there is none. (thrice)

No obvious 'damp' patches on condensor or any 'visible' hoses to indicate a large venting to atmosphere is taking place.

My question is: are there any diagrams available re the routing of hoses for the a/c?

The concern being there is a hidden leaking hose / fitting somewhere that has rendered the NZ$1500 I have spent on the a/c alone so far (yes, I can hear the laughter, thanks for asking) null & void.

Thanking you in advance

Over here these days they put a flourcent tracer in with the gas. Makes it look as though the LHM is leaking all over the engine bay. If it is leaking they do not charge again until the leak is fixed. The A/C hose runs are shown diagramatically on one of the XM microfiches. There is a download for these elsewhere on this site. Would look up the page number but it would take hours as I always find a series of new things to look at while looking through them. There is an index but why spoil the fun.


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